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The easy way to escape Robotics Operating System setup hell and start building robots in just 5 days

Become a better engineer by using an industrial grade robotics toolset - the Robotics Operating System.Start experimenting with robots inside Windows 11 instead of dual booting.Build a working robotics test-bed you can modify for your projects.Advanced tools like localisation, mapping and autonomous navigation setup for you.This free email course gives you everything you need to achieve a fully featured ROS 2 system in just 5 days with only 10-30 min of work per day.

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My name is John Vial, and I have a PhD in Robotics, have led automation teams in large mining companies and deployed robots in my spare time.I know exactly how to it feels to struggle with just getting your Robotics Operating System setup.Which is why I created the Start Creating Robots in 5 days course!“I’m really happy to have a functional ROS setup on my computer” - Arnaud, 4th Year Engineering Student"Reasonably paced and easy to follow.""The course is good. I liked that it was short and comprehensive. I got a good idea about the basics of ROS and gazebo ignition."

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